Rostock-based rapper Marteria is set to perform at the Munich 2022 Opening Ceremony ©Munich 2022/Gina Wetzler

German rapper Marteria and brass band Moop Mama are set to be the focal point of the Munich 2022 European Championships Opening Ceremony on August 10, which is planned to take place in three phases.

The Organising Committee has stated that bands and artists will perform alongside light shows transmitted across the event's main venue, the city's Olympic Park, as the Opening Ceremony unfolds in three phases - "dreamy calm", "awakening", and "shining life".

It is due to begin at 6:30pm local time with the first segment billed as "walking acts, light shows, and bands will take visitors visually and with spherical acoustics on a journey into the world of dreams for an hour."

The "awakening" then begins after that with marching bands moving into the stadium from all directions.

They will be joined by Dundu puppets and stilt walkers who are tasked with transforming the Olympic Park into a fairytale forest as Marteria provides a "hello-wake-up" effect.

Later, the 10-piece Munich brass band Moop Mama will conjure up a mix of "urban sounds and local flair".

Brass band Moop Mama are expected to provide
Brass band Moop Mama are expected to provide "urban sounds and local flair" at the Opening Ceremony ©Munich 2022/Felix Baab

"Shining life" is then described as the crowning finale.

It will see trees light up the sky, bands parade through the grounds and illuminations light up the Olympic Park.

A fireworks display is set to cap off the event and officially open the European Championships, which are scheduled to follow from August 11 to 21.

The Opening Ceremony will be free of charge for anyone to attend.

Approximately 4,700 athletes from across Europe are due to compete in 177 medal events in Munich at the second edition of the multi-sport European Championships.