Speed holds are to be developed with experts and the IFSC ©IFSC

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) is leading a panel with climbing hold producers across across the industry to discuss the future of holds for speed competition.

These discussions will help the organisation determine what holds will be used for speed events in future, the quickest of the three disciplines on the IFSC World Cup circuit alongside boulder and lead.

A series of meetings are to be held related to specifications, technology, and quality control of any potential speed holds.

IFSC vice-president Toru Kobinata leads the panel, which also has IFSC event officer Alessandro Di Cato - who will also act as moderator - and IFSC routesetter Jan Zbranek.

IFSC vice-president Toru Kobinata is one of the members of the panel ©Getty Images
IFSC vice-president Toru Kobinata is one of the members of the panel ©Getty Images

"The level of expertise accumulated from private companies around the world will help the IFSC, and the entire industry, to take a step forward in both technology and production," said Toru.

"Through the support of the best experts in the world, the IFSC can lead a fair and open tender process for the production of official IFSC speed holds."

Artline's Brice Anziutti, EP's Benoit Beylier, Stéphane Dugit from Volx, Mark English from Rockcity, Sebastian Fleming of Blocz, Composite-X's Daniel French, Euroholds' Toni Llopis and Schlamberger's Jaka Schlamberger are on the panel too as production experts.

These new speed holds are expected to launch in early January 2025.