Suzie Bates is experiencing the Commonwealth Games for the first time, but played basketball at the Beijing 2008 Olympics ©Getty Images

Women's cricket is making its Commonwealth Games debut at Birmingham 2022, but Suzie Bates is no stranger to a major multi-sport event having played at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Bates was in the New Zealand basketball team in 2008 and is hoping to see New Zealand play England in the 3x3 event later today, fresh from an unbeaten 91 in a cricket victory over South Africa.

"It was such a different experience, I feel like I was so overwhelmed by the whole experience as a 19-year-old," Bates said, reflecting on Beijing 2008.

"It was all about taking it all in, we weren't there to medal necessarily whereas this is quite different, that's what we are here to do. 

"I just remember seeing all the athletes from all over the world, just being starstruck really and wanting to get my eye on the USA basketball team and try and get some photos, and people like Roger Federer as well.

"Now I am a bit older, playing it a bit cooler and making sure this team are enjoying those parts of it but making sure we perform, which is what we are here to do."

Suzie Bates hit an unbeaten 91 in New Zealand's win over South Africa ©Getty Images
Suzie Bates hit an unbeaten 91 in New Zealand's win over South Africa ©Getty Images

Bates, 34, has no plans to retire even if New Zealand do win a medal next week.

"It's just hard, I'm still loving playing, I'm loving the group, I'm still contributing, once I stop contributing and the body doesn't hold up, then I will think about it," she said. 

"We have had some massive change and I think it is really important that we have some senior players around this group for a while longer."

New Zealand beat South Africa by 13 runs to go top of Group B.