Pentathlon United has released a set of recommendations to revamp riding in modern pentathlon ©Getty Images

Pressure group Pentathlon United (PU) has offered an extended vision for the implementation of its multi-point plan of recommendations to the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) for reforming the equestrian discipline.

Pentathlon United, which is campaigning to preserve the sport's equestrian element, has issued its Riding Reformation Document (RDD).

The RDD develops on the group's suggestions that will enable riding to remain part of the sport, as the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is due to be the last time it is on the modern pentathlon programme.

Protecting horse welfare is top of the agenda for Pentathlon United (PU).

It recommends the mandatory consideration of equine management, horse-rider matching, and harmonisation between horse and rider through thoughtful preparation.

PU says that traditionally the UIPM leaves these aspects to local organisers with few control aspects in place so therefore suggests that the governing body either take full control or lay clear guidelines.

Athlete safety is also a priority in the plan.

Competitors with little equestrian experience are able to feature at major events, as it is possible to qualify for the final through category A competitions without riding.

PU wants to combat this by improving education standards among athletes on the animals and how to care for them.

The establishment of a UIPM riding academy is suggested to ensure this education is received by developing riders.

They will be taught a mandatory course, with the academy functioning as the certification authority for modern pentathlon riders.

The plan also states the need for one additional physical centre from which riding related guidelines can be taught practically.

One of the main reasons for the UIPM's decision to exclude riding is that it claims the cost of competing with, transporting, and caring for horses ostracises developing countries.

As a result, PU suggests that "a Memorandum of Understanding between nations is established to develop global riding opportunities".

It recommends the creation of a systematised regional collaboration in the form of several camps for upcoming riders.

The organisation claims it would provide a platform for sharing knowledge, offer the potential of new pentathlon starts from a riding background, and improve the riding standard among young pentathletes.

PU claims that competition handling is poorly and that official qualification measures for riding need to be revamped.

It wants to align event rules with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in the hope of producing a better understanding of the relationship between horse and rider.

"We believe this provides an important framework for maintaining our equestrian discipline in our sport and an alternative vision for restoring modern pentathlon’s place in the Olympic Games," stated PU on Twitter.

PU claim to have consulted representatives from FEI and has stated it expects the UIPM to invest its support into the proposal.

The UIPM is, however, veering closer and closer towards officially selecting obstacle racing as modern pentathlon's fifth discipline with multiple test events taking place in recent months.