Umar Kremlev, left, met with Isaac Herzog, right, to discuss developing boxing in Israel ©IBA

International Boxing Association (IBA) President Umar Kremlev held a meeting with President of Israel Isaac Herzog to discuss the sport's development in the country.

Herzog promised that greater attention will be handed to boxing, with more financial investments cited as one of the methods of support.

Meanwhile, Kremlev insisted that young competitors will produce better results if the number of free-of-charge boxing gyms are opened.

The IBA President officially opened a gym of this type, alongside Israeli boxing veterans, in Rishon LeZion, prior to sitting down with Herzog.

"Promoting and developing boxing are the key goals of our organisation (sic)," Kremlev said at the Opening Ceremony.

"We hope that this gym could motivate more young people in Rishon LeZion to go in for sports and become stronger.

"Enjoy the best moments of your lives here."

Kremlev also informed Herzog about boxing’s current situation during the meeting of two Presidents, though it is unclear whether this relates to the latest controversies facing the sport and what details were discussed.

A free-of-charge boxing gym was opened in Rishon LeZion to support the sport's development in the Israeli community ©IBA
A free-of-charge boxing gym was opened in Rishon LeZion to support the sport's development in the Israeli community ©IBA

The Russian official is scheduled to defend his incumbent position against The Netherlands’ Boris van der Vorst at an Extraordinary Congress in Yerevan, after the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled the first election between the pair should have been staged with both candidates eligible.

The IBA has faced growing opposition to relocate the event from Armenia, which is a strong ally of Russia.

The IOC has also stripped the IBA of its right to organise boxing events at the Paris 2024 Olympics because of ongoing concerns over governance issues within the organisation.

Kremlev and Herzog’s meeting also referenced the Israeli’s father, Chaim Herzog and the sixth President of the country, who was an Irish youth bantamweight champion.

Kremlev was in Israel in the same month that the country's military killed at least 44 people in a three-day bombing assault on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Health Ministry says 16 children were among the dead.

Israel claims it was preemptively targeting Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants, who responded with rocket fire.

Egypt brokered a ceasefire on August 7 which has largely held.