Moin Ejaz led the men's DOTA 2 team to a third-place finish at the Commonwealth Esports Championships ©Getty Images

India's DOTA 2 team captain Moin Ejaz, who led his country to the men's bronze medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championships, has hinted his team may refuse to compete at the World Esports Championships due to roster issues.

Ejaz claimed on Facebook that the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) is forcing them to play with the same line-up until the postponed Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, which is due to be held next year.

He further suggested that this was unfair to other players seeking to represent their country at elite competitions.

"ESFI is forcing us to continue playing with the same roster and if we refuse to play they're giving our slot to another team to represent India in all the upcoming events including World Esports Championships being hosted in Bali, Indonesia, and the Asian Games," his post said.

"They're saying that only one team will represent India in all the events leading up to the Asian Games which is a period of over one year."

He added: "Everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in every event.

"I'll request ESFI to host fair and open qualifiers for all the upcoming events so that everyone has an equal chance of representing India which will also help the DOTA 2 scene in India to grow."

The ESFI fiercely rebuked his allegations in a statement, labelling them as "baseless" and that they "lack understanding of the fair working of selection process for any international tournament where countries are represented."

It reasoned the participating teams for the Asian Games needing to be submitted in advance in April of this year in time for this month, which was the original date for the competition prior to it being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and China's extensive restrictions.

Moin Ejaz slammed the ESIF in a statement where he called for team roster selection to be fairer ©MoinEjaz/Facebook
Moin Ejaz slammed the ESIF in a statement where he called for team roster selection to be fairer ©MoinEjaz/Facebook 

The governing body insisted that the guidelines does not allow for changes unless it is "unavoidable" and "subject to necessary process and approvals from the respective authorities."

Due to this, the ESFI remarked that they plan to send the same team to the upcoming international competitions as it looks to ensure the athletes are prepared.

However, Ejaz rejected their assertion on Facebook as Krish, a team member, is said to be unable to participate in any other event except for the Asian Games due to playing for a professional DOTA 2 team.

The exchange between the esports federation and the ESFI further broiled as the organisation alleged they received a complaint from a team member who felt they were being "victimised" and that Ejaz was "playing politics" and altering the squad.

Ejaz denied the accusations in a follow up Facebook post and challenged the body to reveal who he has "traumatised or harassed."

Additionally, he claimed the ESFI attempted to pressure the team to forfeit the DOTA 2 regional qualifiers for the Commonwealth Esports Championships due to funding problems.

Ejaz suggested they pleaded to participated, but they would need to find sponsors to finance the trip to and from Birmingham.

Once they qualified and presented the body with sponsors, it excluded the players from the negotiating table, the esports athlete alleged.

"In the end they were not able to reach an agreement with the sponsors that we had provided and two weeks before the start of the Commonwealth Games they informed us that they were not able to reach an agreement with the sponsors that we had provided," he said on the social media website.

He continued: "They also forbid us from taking the sponsorship directly saying that the whole event planning will only be done by ESFI.

"At the end of this ordeal they somehow managed to book us tickets to Birmingham and acted as if they were doing us a huge favour by sending us there.

"After we won the bronze medal ESFI started acting as if they had supported us throughout our journey and facilitated us in achieving this objective when in fact they were our biggest hindrance."

India was one of the historic medallists at the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships, which took place last month, after defeating New Zealand.

The International Esports Federation World Esports Championships are scheduled to take place between December 1 and 12 in Bali.