A reported four million people viewed the Raging Bull in Centenary Square ©Getty Images

The Raging Bull that proved a major hit with visitors to Birmingham during the Commonwealth Games has left its Centenary Square home, although "advanced discussions" are underway on finding it a permanent home.

The Bull's creators Artem had been due to dismantle the sculpture on August 9 following the conclusion of the Games, but a social media campaign led to it remaining in Centenary Square for a further six weeks.

Having starred at the Opening Ceremony on July 28, the Raging Bull was viewed by an estimated four million members of the public.

Birmingham 2022 organisers said that "they are in advanced discussions with a local venue so that the Raging Bull can have a permanent home and will remain as a free to view attraction", and hope to provide further details in the coming weeks.

The Organising Committee's chief creative officer Martin Green lauded the role the Bull has played in generating excitement across the English city.

"Raging Bull was a delight to work with," Green said.

"Dependable, sturdy, and really quite stoic in his task.

"Despite being seen in all his resplendent bovine glory by more visitors than any other attraction in the city’s history, he’s kept his hooves firmly on the ground and been a total pro throughout."

"Advanced discussions" are underway on finding a permanent home for the Raging Bull ©Getty Images

A statement attributed to the Raging Bull read: "I have had a truly fabullous time.  

"Birmingham’s people really are adoreabull. 

"The city really bulled out all the stops and made this time so unbullievable not just for me, but for the international sports stars that came to the Games.  

"I have been in over four million selfies so the steaks have been raised for future Games.  

"Farewell to my Brummy family, I shall return soon and take the city by the horns once more."

The bull weighs 2.5 tonnes and is 10 metres tall.

It was designed by more than 50 people at Artem's studios in London.

Special effects including smoke from the body and nostrils, tears of blood and lightning from within were used to show the bull's emotions as it interacted with performers depicting Birmingham's journey through history during its appearance at the Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony.

A mural of the bull was painted in the Ladywood area of Birmingham earlier this month.