Amy Broadhurst is aiming to qualify for Paris 2024 ©Getty Images

World and Commonwealth Games champion Amy Broadhurst has set her sights on qualifying for Paris 2024 but fears for amateur boxing's future if it is excluded from future Olympics.

The Irish boxer has risen to stardom this year after claiming titles in Istanbul and Birmingham but is yet to take on the Olympic competition.

Broadhurst is confident of changing this, although she is perplexed by the weight categories selected for Paris 2024.

"That's been my biggest goal in boxing," the 25-year-old told the International Boxing Association (IBA) website.

"I feel very confident that I will make the Olympic Games.

"It's just deciding which weight category I will choose, as I have 60 kilogram and 66kg.

"Personally, I wish 64kg was added to the Olympics rather than 66.

Amy Broadhurst suggested there should be weight category between 60kg and 66kg for the Olympics ©Getty Images
Amy Broadhurst suggested there should be weight category between 60kg and 66kg for the Olympics ©Getty Images

"I think it's crazy that there are only two weights above 60kg but four weight categories between 50kg and 60kg.

"But I think it is very suitable for a lot of boxers."

Paris 2024 will be the second consecutive Olympic Games where the IBA has been stripped of any involvement of organising the boxing events due to governance concerns.

Further issues have arisen with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressing it was "extremely concerned" at how last month's IBA Extraordinary Congress in Yerevan panned out.

Russian official Umar Kremlev retained his position as President after delegates voted against holding a fresh election involving Dutch challenger Boris van der Vorst.

Tensions with the IOC appear to have escalated since last month's gathering, and the IBA Board of Directors' decision to allow the participation of athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus under their countries' flags contradicts an IOC recommendation.

The IOC has suggested there is a
The IOC has suggested there is a "pathway" for boxing's inclusion for LA28 but recent developments may have damaged its chances ©Getty Images

Such developments could have fatal consequences on boxing being part of the sporting programme for Los Angeles 2028, where it has been left off the initial programme.

The IOC has given boxing a lifeline by suggesting there is a "pathway" for its inclusion, but recent developments have increased fears in the boxing community that the sport will not feature in the United States.

Broadhurst stressed on what type of impact boxing's exclusion could have if the sport was no longer part of the Olympics beyond Paris 2024.

"Boxing is one of the most popular sports at the Olympic Games, and it would be a shame to see it removed," she said.

"That is many kids' dream, reaching the Olympic Games, and if it is removed from the Olympics I would fear for amateur boxing.

"I think once everything is fair, there won't be an issue."