World Triathlon held a training camp earlier this month in Durazno ©Getty Images

Nine countries travelled to Durazno in Uruguay to participate in the 2022 World Triathlon Development Regional Camp, with a cup competition following afterwards.

A total of 31 athletes attended the camp with five coaches supporting them.

The head coach was Uruguayan Mauricio Rivas, while Javier Mon was the continental coordinator.

"I'm sure that these activities are very useful to promote the relationship between young triathletes that usually don't have the opportunity to develop trainings and share their free time with friends with the same hobbies and objectives in sport and life," said Mon. 

"When they are finishing the camps and the races they are waiting for the next event to see each other again. 

"With the coaches is exactly the same, they have a very similar profile of lifestyle and they use these development activities (meetings, workshops and other moments) to acquire new knowledge and share their experience."

The triathletes at the training camp ©World Triathlon
The triathletes at the training camp ©World Triathlon

Mario Cordón from Guatemala, Javier del Carpio from Peru, Graciela Jurado from Bolivia and Portugal's Claudio Adam were the other coaches.

At the training camp, there was performance controls in 400 metres swimming, 1.5 kilometres of running and five minutes of cycling.

Workshops were also held with coaches and a special seminar was held about long-term triathlon planning with Ultiminio Álvarez from Mexico as well as Javier Mon.

Athletes got to experience the culture of Durazno too.