The ISU #UpAgain digital campaign has earned prestigious awards ©Getty Images

The International Skating Union (ISU) #UpAgain campaign - highlighting skaters' experience of challenges on and off the ice - has won Best Specialist Campaign and also taken silver for Best Use of Social Media in the 2022 International Content Marketing Awards.

The campaign, which gained the ISU 65,000 new followers by the end of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and helped to increase social media engagements by more than 200 per cent in comparison to Pyeongchang 2018, was created by Redtorch, a research, digital and creative agency.

The campaign celebrates the unbreakable spirit that drives athletes to compete on ice.

"We identified that skaters and fans engage on average in 50,000 social media conversations a year about the pain and fear of falling on the ice," the ISU said.

"In response, we created #UpAgain, a campaign dedicated to inspiring skaters to share their personal experiences and overcome their challenges on and off the ice.

"#UpAgain has become part of skating culture and is recognised and used by fans and athletes around the world.

"The goal for the #UpAgain campaign was to bring ice skating sports at the centre stage and be part of the top winter sports on social media by the end of the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

"The ISU focus lay in giving a personal tone to its campaign by telling the athletes' remarkable stories and highlighting their talent as they competed to get #UpAgain on the podium in Beijing.

"To enhance the campaign’s reach globally but also locally in China, the ISU partnered with multiple agencies including a social media Chinese agency with the goal to customise the content for the host nation.

"The result was unprecedented levels of engagement from the community who loved the activation."

By the end of Beijing 2022 the ISU was top of the winter sports leaderboard in social media engagements, with 3 million engagements across all ice skating disciplines and 30 per cent more engagements than the average winter sport in Beijing.

It also had four times more new followers than the closest competitor.

The International Content Marketing Awards, organized by the Content Marketing Association (CMA), recognise the best content marketing campaigns, strategies, teams and individuals in the world of content creation on an annual basis.

Organisations from more than 30 countries entered the contest and a record number of 140 judges and leading marketing experts took part in this 2022 edition.

"UpAgain was an incredibly ambitious campaign," said Caterina Cestarelli, one of the CMA judges.

"It tells a truly beautiful story from clear KPIs [key performance indicators] to creative execution to super tangible results.

"It's clear to see the success of the campaign from start to finish."