The giant pin badge for host nation England accompanied by an explanatory letter on behalf of the people of Birmingham ©ITG

The first of the 72 outsize pin badges displayed in the city during the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games have been prepared for delivery.

They will be sent in boxes made from wood recycled after use at Games venues around the city.

The badges are made of wood but resemble the metal pins collected at major events.

They are to be given to the Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) or High Commissions of the 72 nations and territories which took part in the Games in what the city has described as "our gift from the people of Birmingham".

Each badge is to be accompanied by a letter of greeting from Birmingham, revealed at a special "thank you" ceremony held at Birmingham City Council House.

"Pin swapping has become a way of bringing people together a powerful embodiment of the unity and togetherness that are essential values of the Commonwealth Games," the letter explained.

A selection of the giant pins on display during the Commonwealth Games ©ITG
A selection of the giant pins on display during the Commonwealth Games ©ITG

"Flags of the Commonwealth nations adorned every venue during the 2022 Games and a celebration of the exchange of pin badges was exhibited in the city of Birmingham in the form of the 'Flag of Nations', a display of oversized badges," the message continued.

It informed each CGA that the cases were 100 per cent recycled material from wood used at various venues during the Games.

The original markings have been left on the casings to emphasise their authenticity.

They were produced by Birmingham Case Makers Limited, a company which had also manufactured the trays used in the victory ceremonies.

To protect the badges, they are also encased in recycled foam lining supplied by Ramfoam in Dudley, with screws from another local firm Forward Fasteners.

"This is truly a box made by local craftspeople especially for you," the message reads.

"As a legacy of this unforgettable event, the proud host city would like to give you your very own Flag of nations badge to display as a proud participant in the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

"You are receiving a true piece of Birmingham history", it assured participants.

The giant souvenirs are expected to be despatched to the participating nations in the new year.