Australia's High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy has been launched with 10 years to go until the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics ©AIS

Sporting organisations have joined forces here to launch a new national strategy that aims to build success towards the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympics and beyond.

Australia’s 48-page "High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy" has been unveiled today by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

It is said to be the first time that all the top sporting bodies from Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sports have come together for a national high-performance sports strategy.

Among the 51 organisations are the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Paralympics Australia and the country’s Government as well as governing bodies for sports including athletics, boxing and rugby union.

All the bodies signed up to a "win well" pledge and outlined their united commitment in a joint letter.

"This is a balanced, holistic approach, supporting our athletes and people to win in all areas of life," the letter read.

"It is about celebrating the humanity of Australian sport, valuing physical, mental, emotional and cultural wellbeing.

"It is maintaining the ambition for success but always marked with humility, integrity, fair player and Aussie grit.

"To win well will be a key to sustainable success, unlocking the full potential in our people and our sporting system."

Sporting bodies have pledged to
Sporting bodies have pledged to "win well" in pursuit of success over the next decade and beyond ©AIS

The Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy’s mission is "performance driven", "athlete focused", "exceptionally led" and "purposefully collaborative".

The strategy is also underpinned by four core values of "excellence", "belonging", "courage" and "connection".

Australian Sports Commission chief executive Kieren Perkins said it was "one of the greatest periods of opportunity in Australian sporting history" and insisted "teamwork can be our competitive advantage".

"No sporting team can unite and inspire us like our Aussie athletes," said Perkins.

"We have a 'Green and Gold Runway' of major sporting events over the next decade to 2032 that gives our athletes and sports the ultimate platform to perform and connect all Australians with sport like never before.

"This strategy is the collective roadmap to guide our success.

"It prioritises how we will tackle areas including world-leading coaching and practices, athlete development pathways, performance environments, and an outstanding workforce driven by clear values and cultures.

"Our time starts now to build an inclusive and sustainable sporting system that is performance driven, athlete-focused, exceptionally led and purposefully collaborative."

AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said the new strategy would
AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said the new strategy would "evolve over time" in the lead-up to Brisbane 2032 ©Getty Images

AOC chief executive Matt Carroll welcomed the launch of strategy by the AIS, claiming it addresses key areas that are "critical" to the future success of Australian sport.

"Whether it is the athletes, sports and peak bodies like ourselves and the national institute network, there has been an opportunity to be heard and contribute," said Carroll.

"Importantly, the strategy recognises that our sports need the capacity to deliver this strategy and that can only be achieved with the appropriate investment, so the goals of this strategy can be achieved.

"Equally, there’s an understanding that the strategy will evolve over time.

"The role of the leadership group in that regard is another very positive development.

"That will ensure the flexibility and agility to make change along the way.

"I am delighted to play a role in that important group."

The full strategy can be read here.