Media officer Felix Sohounde Peperipé has been suspended by the CAF for five years for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman ©Getty Images

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has suspended one of its media officers, Felix Sohounde Peperipé, for five years after allegedly sexually assaulting a Moroccan woman at the African Nations Championship in Algeria.

Peperipé from Benin, had been working for CAF at the Championship on a freelance basis in Algiers, which started on January 13, with the final scheduled for February 4.

The woman alleges he had invited her to his hotel room to gain an all-access pass; where the incident is said to have taken place.

She filed a statement with Algerian police, as reported by The Guardian.

It is believed Peperipé has returned to his home country following the accusation, after a hearing of the CAF Disciplinary Committee.

The alleged victim said she had been attacked by him last week and he was "trying to kiss her".

"She pushed him and ran out of the bedroom," read the Disciplinary Committee decision.

Felix Sohounde Peperipé had been working on a freelance basis for CAF ©Getty Images
Felix Sohounde Peperipé had been working on a freelance basis for CAF ©Getty Images

It led to his suspension for "indecent conduct" until proven otherwise.

He was accused by another woman of similar behaviour two years ago at the African Nations Championship in Cameroon, saying she was offered money to perform sexual acts on him.

Peperipé has refuted the allegations, saying they are being made to "sully his reputation".

Previously, Peperipé was named by the Francophone Observatory Medias Success Plus as the "best sports journalist of all time".

He had been a correspondent for French radio station RFI for over 20 years too.