The new climate changing-themed suit, featuring chunks of ice scattering into the ocean to represent growing climate issues ©US Ski and Snowboard

United States Ski and Snowboard have collaborated with Kappa and Protect Our Winters (POW) to produce a climate changing-themed race suit to combat the threats caused by global warming.

The suit is being used at the 2023 Alpine Ski World Championships, which began on February 6 and concludes on February 19 in Courchevel Méribel, France.

Due to many teams cancelling events in 2022-2023 season due to the lack of snow and tracks made of artificial snow being used, US Ski and Snowboard have decided to build a suit showcasing the importance of maintaining the environment.

The suit was designed by Kappa, using Italian fabric produced at an environmentally sustainable factory in Italy, and includes the design of icebergs setting off into the ocean to demonstrate the breakage of ice due to increasingly high temperatures.

The suit also features logos of companies that aim to combat climate change, most notably POW, who are the non-profit organisation looking for solution to this major issue.

The 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championship started on February 6 in Courchevel Méribel, France ©Getty Images
The 2023 Alpine Skiing World Championship started on February 6 in Courchevel Méribel, France ©Getty Images

"POW and U.S. Ski & Snowboard are aligned on the urgency of uniting the snow sports industry and community on meaningful advocacy on climate," said POW executive director Mario Molina.

"This World Championships suit designed by Kappa makes a statement that athletes, brands and winter enthusiasts worldwide can get behind.

"By coming together, we can educate and mobilise our snow sports community to push for the clean energy technologies and policies that will most swiftly reduce emissions and protect the places we live and the lifestyles we love."

Travis Ganong, who is a Stifel US Alpine Ski Team racer, was glad to hear about the partnership, considering he is a POW alliance member.

"These will help bring awareness to climate change and melting glaciers and shrinking snowpacks around the globe and how that affects our sport directly," he said.

"We’ve had so many cancelled races this year so it's definitely happening in real time as we speak."

The suit is expected to be auctioned off after the Alpine Ski World Championships, with profits going to POW to help the company with its mission.