Maude Charron was among those joined the campaign ©Getty Images

Olympic champions led the way as weightlifters around the world marked the anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict with a "lift for peace" campaign.

Maude Charron from Canada and Hidilyn Diaz from the Philippines were among those who posted a video of a lift that featured only yellow and blue plates, the colours of the Ukraine flag.

They wore white t-shirts and held up a sign saying "Peace" after completing their lifts.

Both women won gold in Tokyo at the Olympic Games and both are members of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Athletes' Commission, which is promoting the "Lift for Peace" campaign on social media today and tomorrow.

Among those who posted on Instagram was Viktor Getts, the Russian who featured a "Stop the War" message on his video.

Getts, who was a silver medallist at the European Championships in 2015, is also trying to raise money for a refugees charity on social media.

Eshaq Ebrahim Eshaq, President of the Bahrain Weightlifting Federation and an Executive Board member of the Asian Weightlifting Federation, also took part.

"We have had a lot of engagement by athletes and coaches," said Forrester Osei, chair of the Athletes' Commission, who managed a lift despite the fact that his right arm is still strapped up after an injury sustained at last year’s IWF World Championships.

"Our aim to stand in solidarity with and the message of the campaign - peace - is a positive one, not aimed at condemning or isolating a nation.

"We are calling on all athletes, officials and members of our weightlifting communities to participate in the campaign to raise awareness on calling for peace between Ukraine and Russia.

"We have athletes and their supporting families on both side of the conflict."

Other Athletes' Commission members who took part included David Liti from New Zealand and Marie Ranaivosoa from Mauritius.