The EUSA met with the organisational group in Lisbon to discuss preparations for the European University Championship ©EUSA

European University Sports Association (EUSA) representatives visited the cities of Lisbon and Braga in Portugal before the European University Championships in rugby sevens and volleyball.

EUSA sports manager Miha Zvan first visited Lisbon, where he inspected the University Stadium, which will hold the rugby sevens at the European University Championship.

Zvan met up with João Machado, the secretary general of the competition, along with multiple members of the Organising Committee, as he was shown the procedures taken before the tournament.

The delegates also visited proposed sports venues, while also having an evaluation meeting at the Portuguese Academic Federation of University Sport (FADU) headquarters.

The rugby sevens tournament will have 20 universities participating in both the male and female events. 

Zvan then headed to Braga, where the volleyball competition is set to be held.

The Portuguese University Sports Museum was inaugurated in November 2022 in Aveiro ©EUSA
The Portuguese University Sports Museum was inaugurated in November 2022 in Aveiro ©EUSA

Among the venues visited include the Braga Sports Club's complex, the city's main sports team.

Zvan evaluated the accommodation sites of the tournament, which are the Lloyd Braga Residence and Sta. Tecla Braga Residence, while also visiting the city centre, the venue of the Opening Ceremony. 

The main office for EUSA for the tournament will be in the UMinho Sport Complex, with their secretary general Pedro Almeida leading the tour.

The Portuguese University Sports Museum, which was opened last November, was toured by the Zvan, as FADU President Ricardo Nora guided the visit.

The volleyball competition is set to take place from July 16 to 23, with the rugby sevens tournament occurring from August 28 to 31.