Rio 2016 gold medallist Estelle Mossely has returned to amateur boxing in a bid to qualify for Paris 2024 ©IBA

French boxing star Estelle Mossely has said that the International Boxing Association (IBA) Women’s World Championships here is the "first step" on her journey to gold medal success at her home Olympics in Paris.

Mossely has not competed on the amateur circuit since capturing gold at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

After becoming professional in 2017, Mossely has won all her 11 fights but is now turning her attention to the Olympics as she bids to qualify for Paris 2024.

Mossely is set to compete in the lightweight division at the Women’s World Championships, scheduled to run from tomorrow until March 26 in Indian capital New Delhi.

"I am really excited to take part in this event because I haven't fought in amateur for six years," Mossely told insidethegames.

"My last fight was my win at the Olympic Games [in 2016].

"It’s a good test for me as I have a big challenge.

"My target is to win a second Olympic Games gold and for me the World Championships is the first step to see if my work has been good.

"I started to train in an amateur rhythm since September of last year, now it is a test for me and my team to see if I am in the right way."

Mossely is looking to secure her second world title - seven years after winning her first.

Although the Women’s World Championships is not considered an Olympic qualifier by the International Olympic Committee after the IBA was stripped of the rights for Paris 2024, Mossely is aiming to get herself in top form.

"I am really excited about the Olympics because it’s in my country," said Mossely.

France's Estelle Mossely has won all her 11 professional fights since 2018 ©Getty Images
France's Estelle Mossely has won all her 11 professional fights since 2018 ©Getty Images

"We don’t have a lot of time to go, it feels like it’ll happen tomorrow and I have a lot of targets before that.

"I prefer to have a lot of fights in competition like this."

Mossely’s last professional fight came in February when she defeated Malawi’s Anisha Basheel in Paris.

"I would like have my qualification [for the Olympics] done in June and just after that I would like to come back in professional because I have a lot of big fights waiting for me," said Mossely.

"I want to do the unification of titles and I will do everything for this.

"The Olympics will be my last competition in amateur, for sure.

"After that I will continue as a professional.

"If my plan is right and I will win a second Olympic Games gold, it will be better for my professional career.

"After the Olympic Games in Paris, I will be finished in amateur but I will not be finished in professional."