The NZ Performance Summit, co-hosted by the New Zealand Olympic Committee, was used to discuss the future of sports for the nation ©Getty Images

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) have co-hosted the 2023 New Zealand Performance Summit.

The conference, held in conjunction with Paralympics New Zealand and High Performance New Zealand, hosted over 300 athletes, coaches and other stakeholders from across sports in the country came together to collaborate their ideas and experiences as preparations for next year's Olympic Games in Paris continue to take place.

Nicki Nicol, the chief executive of the NZOC, expressed the importance of the Summit as it promotes wide collaborations.

"It was brilliant to get so many key players from the sports sector together in a room to share ideas and cast an eye to the future," she said.

"New Zealand’s sports sector is small and nimble, and we know that our strength lies in sharing our experiences and best practices.

"This supports faster learning and contributes to a 'one-team' approach, helping to give us an edge at pinnacle events."

An emphasis on mega trends and how they will shape elite sports was discussed, where they will find ways to maximise performance.

Nicol also stressed the importance of the future for the continent of Oceania, as they are prepared to host major international competitions, including the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, during the next decade.

"With Victoria 2026 and Brisbane 2032 on the horizon we are really focussed on identifying opportunities for Oceania around these events," she said.

Many of the ideas talked about at the Summit are also set to be taken forward and raised at a Oceania National Olympic Committees meeting later this year.

"There was some great discussion, and we look forward to further exploring these opportunities at the upcoming ONOC forum in Brisbane," said Nicol.