Etienne Thobois believes volunteering for Paris 2024 will be good preparation for Brisbane 2032 ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 chief executive Etienne Thobois wants Australians to sign-up as volunteers for the Olympics and Paralympics in the French capital as it will provide valuable experience before Brisbane 2032.

An application portal for Paris volunteers opened in March with organisers hoping to recruit 45,000 people.

The volunteer programme is open to people from France as well as abroad as long as they are over the age of 18 on January 1, 2024, speak at least French or English, and are available for at least 10 days during the Olympics and/or Paralympics.

The application period is set to shut on May 3.

Thobois told ABC that Australians signing up would be a positive step with the country due to host its own Games in Brisbane eight years after Paris 2024.

"We're not cocky about it," he said. 

"We're really happy to be a test event for Brisbane 2032.

"That will be a great ramp up to gain experience and to understand what the Games are all about.

Brisbane is due to host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics eight years after Paris ©Getty Images
Brisbane is due to host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics eight years after Paris ©Getty Images

"Everybody can actually register, we only ask people to be 18 and over.

"That's more or less the only rules and to be able to speak English or French or have some basics in French. 

"But other than that everybody's welcome."

The 45,000 volunteers are due to be stationed throughout the host nation at all of the official Paris 2024 venues in Paris, Marseille, Lille, Nice, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Bordeaux, Châteauroux and Tahiti.

They will be tasked with welcoming and guiding spectators and accredited people, assisting sporting delegations, accompanying athletes to competition venues and press operations, transporting accredited people, supporting timekeeping activities, participating in the distribution of equipment and providing medical assistance.

In the hopes of offering each volunteer a role that suits their skills, applicants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire as part of the application process.