Paris is ready to deliver a positive message to the world according to Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet ©Getty Images

Tony Estanguet, Paris 2024 President, believes "more than ever" that the Games which will start in 441 days’ time can bring the world a positive message after all the challenges that have emerged in recent years.

"We have been crossing different steps and phases in the past years, definitely with COVID, the war, the social situation in France and internationally, and now we have inflation," he told delegates via live link here on the opening day of the 43rd European Olympic Committees Seminar.

"We can all agree we haven’t been spared with the situation.

"But would like to thank you for your commitment in making sport still strong over past few years.

"I know it’s not easy in such a challenging situation but definitely I think that, maybe more than ever, I strongly believe that sport, and the Games, can be a fantastic opportunity to share a very positive and unforgettable moment in Paris next year.

"So far - we are now at 441 days to go until the Opening Ceremony - the green lights are still on over Paris 2024.

"We are now at around 1500 people working in the Organising Committee.

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet told EOC Seminar delegates in the French capital via live link that
Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet told EOC Seminar delegates in the French capital via live link that "everything is in place" for the delivery of the Games next year ©ITG

"Everything is in place.

"We have been able to manage the infrastructures and venue preparations.

"We had a very appealing concept with iconic landmarks to host the competitions next year and definitely the constructions are ready.

"The Athletes’ Village will be ready by the end of this year and you will see that it’s really amazing.

"We received more than 300,000 applications to become volunteers for Paris 2024, which is a huge success.

"Ticketing sales have also been a success on phase one.

"We sold more than three million tickets in less than three weeks.

"Now it’s ongoing and we are very satisfied with the way of selling tickets around the world.

"We have sold to more than 150 countries at a time, and we have also had good feedback on the programme.

"In terms of preparations, we will have the first test event this summer and everything is in place to be ready to welcome the first athletes who want to be ready for the Games next year.

"We have a vision of Paris 2024 with an ambition of engagement and leaving a strong legacy, demonstrating the power of the Games so there are more people doing sport after the Games.

After the
After the "different steps and phases" of the last few challenging years, Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet believes the Games are "more than ever" ready to provide the world with a positive message ©Paris 2024

"Last month we hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Week at school, which involved more than 7,000 schools in France and one million students and pupils.

"We have a new programme of 30 minutes of sport every day in all primary schools. It is a strong legacy to make sure this generation will do more sport."

The Dutch NOC representative asked a question regarding security, wanting to know if Paris 2024 would be offering advice concerning the use of the Metro or public transport during the Games and if so when it would be given.

"The question is also related to the wearing of team costumes in public - yes or no?" the representative added.

"We are a little bit worried about this and we would like to ask if you are going to share information publicly or in other ways to the National Olympic Committees."

Sophie Lorant, Paris 2024 director of international relations, responded by saying there would be a security briefing just after the Seminar addressing any questions regarding security, adding: "Our transport concept is to be sustainable, is to use our public transport.

"So please trust our French authorities and all the efforts that will made by the City of Paris to ensure that public transport will be safe during the Games and that you will be able to wear your team kit if you wish."