The IOC Let's Move campaign is set to launch around June 23 to coincide with Olympic Day ©Hurricane-FISE-UrbanSportsSummit

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is set to launch a new digital campaign called Let's Move which aims to get people active and will feature training videos from current and former athletes to encourage this.

Athletes, such as former basketball player and IOC member Pau Gasol of Spain, will create content for the programme that offer participants an exercise programme to follow along with.

It is set to be launched "around Olympic Day" which takes place on June 23, but the Olympic invite will be sent on the day.

The invite will be a link posted on social media that will create a reminder in a user's phone to follow along with a training session.

"This campaign is going to be huge," said Leandro Larrosa, director of digital engagement and marketing at the IOC, at the Urban Sports Summit in Montpellier.

"We are engaging with very big athletes around the world.

"What we are doing for the first time is we are creating what we call the Olympic invite.

"People are saying they don't move or do sports because they have no time, but if it is in the calendar you do it.

Leandro Larrosa claims the Let's Move campaign is "going to be huge" in its aim of getting people active ©Hurricane-FISE-UrbanSportsSummit
Leandro Larrosa claims the Let's Move campaign is "going to be huge" in its aim of getting people active ©Hurricane-FISE-UrbanSportsSummit

"We are engaging with big athletes and they are going to be sending all of us an invite to do some exercise with them on June 23. 

In addition to the athlete contributions, a competitive element will be implemented that is a direct legacy of E-FISE. 

The initiative was inspired by E-FISE that was launched in 2020 in a bid to avoid an outright cancellation of the traditional FISE urban sports event due to COVID-19. 

"The street challenge is a campaign for people to practice urban sports, to film themselves, to share the content and some judges from different International Federations will decide a winner, an amateur winner," said the former Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games chief executive.

"We are using urban sports because they are open, inclusive, and accessible.

"Not only the sporting performance will be judged but also the creativity.

"We are going to be launching as partners - the IOC, Hurricane, and FISE - before the end of the year.

"[It aims] to engage with younger audiences and to also encourage the youth to move through urban sports."