Azerbaijan: 22 years of the Olympic World newspaper

On 27 November 2001, the first issue of the 'Olympic World' newspaper was published as the designated press outlet of the Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee. Since its inception, 'Olympic World' has focused on the promotion of national sports, the Olympic Movement, and the ideals inherent in the Olympic ethos.

Throughout its existence, 'Olympic World' has become one of the most respected publications, providing in-depth coverage of major global and national sporting events, as well as highlighting the achievements of our athletes. The newspaper is currently published weekly with a circulation of 4,100 and has a wide readership base. 

The 'Olympic World' newspaper is committed to promoting sport and the Olympic Movement and actively supports local and international sporting events and projects. 

The commendable efforts of the official newspaper of the National Olympic Committee have been duly recognised by the state. By decree of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, two individuals from the newspaper were awarded the title of 'Honoured Journalist of the Republic of Azerbaijan,' while three others received the prestigious 'Progress' medal. 

Internationally, the reputation of 'Olympic World' attracted attention and acclaim, winning the prestigious 'Actualidad-XXI' award in Spain for its prestige and journalistic excellence, further cementing its position in the global press. 

Murad Farzaliyev is the editor-in-chief of the Olympic World newspaper.
Murad Farzaliyev is the editor-in-chief of the Olympic World newspaper.

Within the Fair Games Commission of the National Olympic Committee, the newspaper has clinched the esteemed title of 'Fair Sports Propagandist' and has consistently been nominated for the coveted 'Best Sports Publication of the Year' and other major awards presented by the Azerbaijan Association of Sports Journalists (AIJA). 

Over the years, 'Olympic World' has served as a beacon for aspiring sports journalists, training nearly 40 young professionals who are now actively contributing to the field across various media platforms. The newspaper remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and mentoring the next generation of sports journalists. 

The National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan congratulated the entire team, with a special tribute to the editor-in-chief, journalist Murad Farzaliyev. It extends its best wishes for continued success in their future endeavours.