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The unveiling of the logo for the World Athletics Championships set to take place in Tokyo in 2025 has captured attention from sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Organising Committee of WCH Tokyo 25 (LOC) developed the official emblem through a public submission it has been confirmed, following a total of 368 design entries. Design experts, athletes and selected members of the public were all tasked with deciding the winner.

Crafted under the theme of "The World - Tokyo - Connecting," the logo embodies a profound symbolism. Inspired by TYO, the city code for Tokyo, the stripes within the design symbolise the intricate connections among athletes globally, intertwined with Japan and Tokyo. 

Reflecting the lanes of a track and field course, these stripes evoke the essence of speed and dynamism while harmoniously invoking traditional Japanese aesthetics.

The incorporation of black within the "T" serves to unify a diverse array of colours originating from different nations. Meanwhile, the golden hue of the "Y" symbolises the pursuit of excellence and the aspiration for the highest standards. Finally, the red within the "O" pays homage to the Japanese flag, representing the iconic rising sun motif.

World Athletics Champions logo for Tokyo 2025 has been unveiled. WCH Tokyo 2025
World Athletics Champions logo for Tokyo 2025 has been unveiled. WCH Tokyo 2025

Mitsugi Ogata, President of the World Athletics Championships Tokyo 2025, said "We are delighted to announce the new logo, which was developed with the participation of many people, including design experts, athletes and members of the logo design selection committee, who were selected from the general public. 

"We hope the new logo will inspire competing athletes and become familiar to many people, both in Japan and abroad," he concluded.

The process began on 30 November 2023, when applicants were told of the competition, with the deadline for all submissions being 25 January, 2024.