A film to kick off Wimbledon 2024 that touches the heart. AELTC

The 'Always Like Never Before' campaign launches a film that pays tribute to tennis legends, rising stars and iconic moments. It is a prelude to the 2024 Championships of the greatest grass court tournament.

The trailer, which was released last Monday, is part of the second part of Wimbledon's 'Always Like Never Before' campaign and will launch in 2023. With so many moments and memories to be proud of, the most important grass court tournament in the world has had to put together a very elaborate production.

The goal was to pay tribute to tennis legends, rising stars and iconic moments from the Championships. The most controversial innovation is the freeze-frame effect, which will be used to show the players in a scene on Centre Court. Last Monday, three weeks before the start of Wimbledon, the All England Lawn Tennis Club launched an inspirational trailer in support of its project.

There are so many moments and achievements that could be included in the film, but creators wanted to appeal to emotions and so they payed homage to the legends of the game, the young stars who are now setting the standard, and celebrate a series of iconic moments from the Championships, using advanced 3D animation, CGI and photography to create a freeze-frame effect and present each moment side by side on Centre Court.

A moment has been chosen from Carlos Alcaraz's victory over seven-time Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic in the final of last year's men's singles tournament. The film takes a retrospective look with glimpses of Andy Murray's first triumph, the power of seven-time Wimbledon singles champion Serena Williams, the fifth consecutive wheelchair doubles title for British duo Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid and the breakthrough of unseeded women's singles champion Marketa Vondrousova.

The plasticity of the images, the combination of light and sound make the film an emotional tool that can warm up the minutes before matches like nothing else. Usama Al-Qassab, Marketing & Commercial Director at the All England Club, said, "We're continuing the story we started in 2023 when we honoured the greats of the game, but also looked to the players who are the legends to come. We have two players who have come through to claim their place in Wimbledon history in our defending champions Carlos and Marketa. We are looking forward to what we hope will be another unforgettable championship."

Carlos Alcaraz with the Winner's Trophy of Wimbledon 2023. GETTY IMAGES
Carlos Alcaraz with the Winner's Trophy of Wimbledon 2023. GETTY IMAGES

Some of the stars on the court are also part of this work. Who better than them to describe what this tournament means and what it is like to play on this court full of fans? Two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, who appears in the trailer, said, "There is no other tournament like this. The silence of the court during points. How every little thing gets perfected. The atmosphere. The sense of history. It's a very special place."

McCann London brought in two award-winning creatives to lead the process: director Carl Addy and composer Tom Player, who has worked on Game of Thrones series and the film Tenet.

Carl Addy, co-founder and executive creative director at The Mayda Creative Co, said, "Always Like Never Before was a fantastic brief. Closer than being there, more connected than watching from a monitor. All the while balancing the power of the game in frozen, timeless scenes. It's this kind of sophisticated, nuanced execution that we love."

Serena Williams, seven-time Wimbledon champion. GETTY IMAGES
Serena Williams, seven-time Wimbledon champion. GETTY IMAGES

In this edition, all eyes will be on Spain's Carlos Alcaraz. After his victory at Roland Garros, he has now become the benchmark in world tennis. In theory, the Spaniard won't b efacing Janik Sinner, his victim in Paris and another player who is making his mark on world tennis.

They are two of the favourites to win the final. In the absence of the Big Three (Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic), who have been the contenders for so many years, they have established a dominance that has left little room for other players.
Alcaraz could also become just the seventh player in history to win the two Grand Slams on clay and grass in the same year. The three members of the 'Big Three' have all done it. The 2024 Championships will be held from 1-14 July, with the qualifying tournament taking place from 24-27 June.