Sebastian_Coe_in_front_of_2012_signOCTOBER 9 - SEBASTIAN COE (pictured) will face questions about McDonald's sponsorship of the 2012 Olympics in London when he appears before a public meeting at City Hall tomorrow.

The chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) will be joined by chief executive Paul Deighton to face questions from Assembly Members on a wide range of issues, including costs, security, sponsorship, transport, environmental impact and the legacy of the Games.

Jenny Jones, a member of the Green Party, plans to ask Coe about the fact McDonald's will be one of the main backers of the 2012 Games through their TOP sponsorship, which is organised by the International Olympic Committee and which over LOCOG have no control.

“While I appreciate that the London organisers are bound by the IOC’s sponsorship deal, I really do feel that this is a big let down," said Jones.

"The Games are a showcase.

"People attending should be inspired to lead healthier lives, not sit there shoveling down junk-food.

"I will be pushing Seb Coe and the rest of the organisers to approach McDonald’s and try to get an agreement on provision of local, seasonal and organic food at the Games."