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insidethegames.biz has a section dedicated to Sambo which is sponsored by the International Sambo Federation (FIAS)?

Read about FIAS signing up to the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations One Humanity campaign, which calls for solidarity, compassion and unity in the face of discrimination and division.

Read all the Sambo News.

Visit the 2021 calendar.


Trace the History of Sambo back to 1938.

Discover the origins of SAMBO and its structure.

Check out Sport SAMBO, Combat SAMBO and Beach SAMBO, the three disciplines of Sambo.

Learn about SAMBO Beyond the Sport; Gender Equity, SAMBO for Peace and Amur Tiger Preservation.

Explore the Continental Federations in SAMBO Worldwide.

Find out about FIAS Sustainability.

Watch FIAS TV.

Look back at Sambo World Championships Live Blogs, Medals and Results Tables.

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