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In this latest edition of The insidethegames.biz Magazine, editor Dan Palmer tells the story of cricket’s Olympic reemergence and the reasons why the IOC now sees it as a tantalising prospect.

Whenever India and Pakistan meet in sport, you know it’s going to be electric. In his article Two Tribes, Philip Barker, our Olympic historian, tells the story of two great foes.

IOC President Thomas Bach will attend the IOC Session in Mumbai having now been President for a decade. In the Ten Year Report Card, chief columnist David Owen assesses how the German has got on during an eventful 10-years which has seen issues such as coronavirus, Russia and North Korea come to the fore.

Nita Ambani brings massive wealth to the International Olympic Committee membership and even owns the building where the IOC Session will be held. Editor-in-chief Duncan Mackay profiles a woman with growing sporting influence in his article No Expense Spared.

The Bond Girl at the IOC, written by Dan Palmer, discusses how former Bond girl and Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh, plus seven other new IOC members, are due to be coronated at Mumbai’s IOC Session.

Australia withdrew as the host for the 2026 Commonwealth Games, followed by Alberta in Canada withdrawing its bid for 2030. In his article Crisis Point, reporter Patrick Burke asks what is next for the Commonwealth Games Federation with the Movement fighting for its very existence.

Playing both sides, written by chief feature writer Mike Rowbottom, explores how the International Olympic Committee has rolled back its original stance on Russian athletes competing at Paris 2024.

Weightlifting is a sport which knows what it is like to battle against adversity after it was originally left off the Los Angeles 2028 programme due to doping and corruption scandals. But the sport has turned its fortunes around as Brian Oliver reports in Light in the tunnel.

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