Welcome to insidethegames.biz (ITG), your premier source for sports news, with a particular focus on Olympic sports. We also provide extensive coverage of the Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, and a wide range of sporting disciplines, including summer and winter sports, as well as non-Olympic sports.

Our History

ITG was launched in 2005 by the distinguished British sports journalist, Duncan Mackay. The website's inception followed the momentous announcement that London had been selected as the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Originally known as insidethegames.com, the platform adopted its current moniker, insidethegames.biz, in 2009.

Mackay served as Editor-in-Chief from ITG's inception until October 31, 2023, when he and co-founder Sarah Bowron embarked on new ventures within the sports and media industries.

Following Mackay's departure, the reins of ITG's editorial leadership have been entrusted to David Rubio, a prominent Spanish sports journalist:

SPORT Newspaper Editor in Barcelona (October 2001-2023). Over these 18 years, covered various subjects in the newsroom, such as Multi-Sport, Spanish and International Football, FC Barcelona (football), and Professional Sections of FC Barcelona.

Editor at the legal publishing house Ciss-Praxis (La Ley) in Barcelona (2001-2005).

Contributor and later editor of the athletics magazine Marathon Catalunya (2001-2007). 

Special correspondent at the athletics events of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Occasional panelist on Onda Cero in Barcelona (2012-2023).

Contributor to Cadena Ser in Badajoz in the 1990s.

Editorial Independence

At ITG, our editorial team remains fiercely independent and impartial, ensuring that our reporting remains uninfluenced by shareholders or directors. Our commitment to unbiased journalism is unwavering.


Presently, insidethegames.biz is published by ITG MEDIA DMCC, a UAE-based company, with the 100% of the stakes. 

Our Commitment

ITG is dedicated to delivering objective, high-quality journalism and providing comprehensive coverage of the most significant events in the world of sports.

Under the guidance of our new editorial team, ITG is committed to upholding the same level of excellence, integrity, and proficiency that it has consistently offered throughout its storied history. We look forward to continuing to serve as your trusted source for sports news and insights.