have sent a letter to Olympic Games executive director Christopher Dubi outlining reasons why Boston should not host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games ©No Boston Olympics

Opposition group No Boston Olympics have sent a letter to Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi outlining reasons why Boston should not host the Games in 2024.

It comes ahead of a proposed meeting between Dubi and Boston 2024 bid representatives at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne tomorrow.

Public support has waned for Boston's bid since they were chosen ahead of Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and San Francisco as the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) preferred option.

The letter claims to lay out a number of facts, including that polling indicates that fewer than half of the Massachusetts residents support the bid and that it requires building the three most expensive Olympic venues from scratch.

“Boston 2024's current plan for siting the Olympic Stadium involves constructing costly decking over the primary maintenance facility for the city's busiest subway line,” read the letter from No Boston Olympics co-chairs.

“This structure will add hundreds of millions of dollars in costs that the Boston Globe reported are not adequately accounted for in Boston2024's budget.

“The Globe also found that Boston 2024 misrepresented to the USOC what transit projects the State Government has planned to fund.”

The letter also provides a copy of a presentation made to Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, who invited No Boston Olympics to meet his Cabinet and other Government leaders earlier this month, as well as a link to press coverage, showcasing the Greater Boston media's response to "citizens' concerns with Boston 2024's bid”.

“Boston is a world­-class city and our citizens do not seek the IOC's approval or endorsement,” the letter continued. 

“Many here in Massachusetts do not believe Boston 2024's bid will help us move forward as a Commonwealth.

“Instead, we think Boston2024 could make some of our region's civic challenges worse, while threatening our State's fiscal health.”

Christophe Dubi is due to meet with Boston 2024 bid representatives later this week
Christophe Dubi is due to meet with Boston 2024 bid representatives later this week ©Getty Images

The co-chairs conclude the letter by saying they “would be happy to discuss these and other issues" with Dubi before or after his meeting with Boston 2024, while enquiring about setting “up some time to talk by phone” this week.

No Boston Olympics held a community engagement meeting last week aimed at providing the public with more information on Boston’s bid.

The meeting, held after Boston City Council staged their own hearing concerning the effects of the IOC Agenda 2020 reform plans on the bid, was attended by more than 100 citizens as well as Boston City Councillor Ayanna Presley.

It came after IOC member Angela Ruggiero warned there could be “no guarantees” that Boston would be the USOC's bid city in the race to host the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

But both the USOC and Boston 2024 have denied Ruggiero’s claims, saying they are “committed” to delivering the best candidacy for the Games.

Hamburg and Rome have already declared their intentions to bid for the Games, and candidacies from both Paris and Budapest are expected to follow.

Interested cities have until September 15 to formally put forward their candidacy, and the IOC is due elect its chosen host at its Session in the Peruvian capital Lima in 2017.

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