The Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation website has been officially launched ©THF

Members of the global taekwondo community have been urged to visit the newly launched Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) website to help support the organisation’s mission.

The website, which can be found here, provides information on the establishment and operational guidelines, as well as the THF’s contact points.

First conceived by World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) President Chungwon Choue, the THF seeks to teach taekwondo and related educational programmes to refugees and displaced persons worldwide.

Pilot projects are already underway in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey, and among earthquake victims in Nepal.

“I urge all members of the global taekwondo family to bookmark the THF website, as this is the most ambitious humanitarian endeavour ever undertaken by our sport,” said Choue, who is also President of the THF.

“Now that the Foundation’s office is fully up and running, the THF website will be the main communications channel for all activities, notably humanitarian projects and fund-raising campaigns, going forward.”

Athletes, coaches, teams and taekwondo fans from around the world have been urged to visit the site and spread the awareness of the Foundation’s work.

The website also includes PayPal, which enables visitors to make instant donations to the Foundation.

Taekwondo fans have been urged to visit the site and spread the awareness of the foundation’s work ©THF
Taekwondo fans have been urged to visit the site and spread the awareness of the foundation’s work ©THF

”The website is our ‘get together’ room where we, the global taekwondo family, gather to give back using what we love most – the sport of taekwondo,” said Azza Fouly, communications director of the THF.

“As this is the age of interactivity, we want to hear from everyone on what you would like to see, and how you would like to get involved as donors, as visibility raisers and as volunteers.”

Roger Piarulli, who became THF executive director in May, added “Please visit regularly and click, click, click, as the more views we get, the more attractive we look to potential sponsors.”

“Official fund-raising campaigns have not kicked off yet, but any individuals, companies or clubs that wish to contribute can do so right away.”

Last month, several athlete ambassadors for the THF were announced, including Britain's London 2012 Olympic champion Jade Jones and former Briton turned Moldovan star Aaron Cook.

Raheleh Asemani, a Syrian-born athlete who qualified to compete as a refugee at Rio 2016 only to subsequently gain Belgian citizenship, was also revealed as an ambassador.