The IFP became a WADA Code signatory at their Congress in London ©IFP

Patrick Nally has been re-elected as President of the International Federation of Poker (IFP) as the organisation became an official signatory of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code in London.

Representatives of the IFP’s member federations agreed the statute changes during their Congress.

Becoming a signatory of the WADA Code moves the IFP in line with requirements for recognition by the global sports community through membership of SportAccord.

IFP President and sports marketing guru Nally, who was elected for a further four-year term, maintained that becoming a member of SportAccord remained a key goal for the body, which governs and promotes Match Poker.

The federation, which has over 60 member national federations around the world was told earlier this month that they would not be considered for membership during the upcoming General Assembly, due to be held on April 7 during SportAccord Convention in Aarhus.

It is also believed applications from the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) have been rejected.

Patrick Nally was re-elected as the IFP President for a four-year term ©Getty Images
Patrick Nally was re-elected as the IFP President for a four-year term ©Getty Images

“The International Federation and the mind sport of Match Poker are in an exciting place and poised for significant development on a number of fronts,” said Nally.

“I am grateful to members for re-electing me and the Board and entrusting us to leads the organisation forward.

“Becoming a signatory to the WADA Code is a significant step towards membership of SportAccord which will allow Match Poker to take its place as a recognised mind sport.

“But while we remain committed to playing a role within the global sports community and satisfying the criteria for membership, we will continue to move forward on other fronts and work with world-class partners to launch Match Poker in a big way in different markets around the world.

“The potential for the sport in countries such as India and China is, naturally, tremendous given the size of the markets and their rate of economic growth. We are also being asked to launch competitions in other regions including the Balkans.

“This is a time of great opportunity and I am proud to be playing a role alongside my colleagues on the IFP Board and the committee members worldwide.”

The Congress showcased the IFP Match Poker app to delegates for the first time following a beta roll-out at a major tournament in Sicily last month.

The IFP state that representatives of Tata Communications, their technology partners and Oceans IFP’s Chinese partners, were in London to watch demonstration competitions.

It is claimed that both are in advanced talks with IFP about launching Match Poker leagues and competitions in India and China.