Anne Hidalgo presented Paris as a "no risk" option when speaking here today ©ITG

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has claimed her city presents a "no risk option" if they are awarded the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Her comments to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission during an opening session here appear a response to repeated messages made by its only rival Los Angeles that they are the safer choice because their bid requires no new venues and is dependent on no public money. 

Hidalgo also highlighted the strength of their public transportation system.

"We have one vision during these few days: to convince you that Paris is the right city, with the right vision, at the right moment," she told the IOC Evaluation Commission. 

"The right city with world-class venues and accommodation, and the best public transport in the world, ready right now.

"And with a global profile, to inspire the world.

"The right vision, because we are and we want to be a trusted partner of the Olympic Movement.

"Together, as true partners, we want to open a new chapter in Olympism.

"And to deliver a great Games...with a real, lasting legacy."

Hidalgo's use of the phrase "right city, with the right vision, at the right moment" is a twist on the "right city at the right time" slogan used by Budapest before they withdrew from the race for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games earlier this year. 

Only the Athletes' Village at Saint Denis and a nearby Aquatics Centre are due to be built from scratch as part of the Paris 2024 bid.

Hidalgo spoke alongside other Parisian officials, including co-bid leaders Bernard Lapasset and Tony Estanguet.

Estanguet, a three-time Olympic gold medallist in slalom canoeing, highlighted the French team has a "new member, the new President of France, Emmanuel Macron".

Macron is due to be inaugurated as President today and is then expected to meet with the IOC Evaluation Commission at some stage this week, probably on Tuesday (May 16).

Estanguet also claimed "88 per cent of young people support their bid", the same figure Los Angeles 2024 claim back their campaign. 

IOC Evaluation Commission chair Patrick Baumann also delivered an opening address in which he repeated messages encouraging a more "collaborative" process also made in Los Angeles.

The Session took place in a slightly more refined atmosphere than in the laid back vibe of the California city, although the IOC delegation were still not wearing ties.

Two members - Japan Tsunekazu Takeda and Sweden's Gunilla Lindberg - remain absent due to health reasons.

They are due to undergo a day of meetings today before site visits tomorrow.

A choice between the two contenders is due to be made at the IOC Session in Lima on September 13.