The Dehli High Court has ruled an investigation into banned Indian wrestler Narsingh Yadav must be conducted faster ©Getty Images

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been urged to hurry up with a probe into wrestler Narsingh Yadav, who was suspended for four years in August 2016 after testing positive for a banned substance.

In a complex case, Yadav, a former World Wrestling Championship medallist, tested positive for methandionene in July 2016 but was initially cleared by India’s National Anti-Doping Agency after arguing he had been the victim of sabotage.

The now 29-year-old had been selected for the Olympic Games ahead of rival Sushil Kumar by virtue of having won a bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships.

But two-time Olympic medallist Kumar appealed the decision to the Delhi High Court after claiming it was unfair.

Kumar lost that battle meaning he would not go to the Games, only for Yadav to fail an anti-doping test.

However, having argued the failure was due to spiked food, it initially appeared Yadav would avoid any sanction before the Court of Arbitration for Sport handed him a four-year ban, citing a lack of evidence to support his claim of foul play.

An investigation by the CBI has been ongoing ever since, with Yadav growing frustrated at the lack of progress.

“I go to Delhi, 10 days in a row if required to go and sit in some Minister’s office or the CBI office but they are all turning a deaf ear,” he was quoted by the Indian Express.

“It’s been two years since the case was registered and nothing is being done.

"Every day I call them, they don’t even take calls.

“I was hoping I would be cleared at least in time for the Commonwealth Games or the Asian Games but I don’t know what’s happening.”

Narsingh Yadav has always insisted his food was spiked and he did not dope intentionally ©Getty Images
Narsingh Yadav has always insisted his food was spiked and he did not dope intentionally ©Getty Images

In response, the Dehli High Court has now ruled in Yadav’s favour, urging the CBI to hurry up with the case.

“It has been more than two years,” the court reportedly said today.

“What are you doing?

“Get instructions from the concerned officer otherwise we will pass the order.”

Yadav has consistently denied he took drugs, saying it was him who got the CBI involved to try and clear his name.

"The World Anti-Doping Agency had a simple rule that if you get the CBI or police to investigate and determine that it’s a case of sabotage, then the ban get’s lifted,” he told the Indian Express.

“Why would I dope?

“I’m going to the Olympics, I know they’re going to test me there.

“Why would I do such a thing?"