Jersey has revealed its funding plans for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

The Commonwealth Games Association of Jersey (CGAJ) has unveiled its funding plans to support athletes for Birmingham 2022.

Funding from the CGAJ’s main sponsor, Acorn Finance, will be dedicated to long-term athlete development, the organisation states.

“Results from previous Games clearly show the athletes with the best competition programmes during the qualifying period outperformed those who had a weaker programme of competition,” said Paul du Feu, CGAJ President.

“The Games are just over three years away.

“Athletes aiming for selection must be competing regularly and achieving consistently high results in high-quality events over the qualifying period.

“All funding will be dependent on these results.”

The CGAJ states the first round of funding will be awarded to athletes in July based on results from May 2018 to June 2019.

Four funding tiers have been decided by the CGAJ, with gold funding set to be awarded to athletes whose results match the top 25 per cent of a “typical Games field” in their event.

Around two or three athletes are expected to achieve this level.

Success funding will be awarded to athletes performing in the top 50 per cent of their field, while participation support will be granted to those who are likely to achieve the minimum standard in their sport’s qualification criteria.

The final funding category will focus on young, developing athletes, who could potentially reach the Games.

Athletes will be able to register for pathway funding until the end of 2019, with support from their respective sporting bodies.

Jersey were represented by 33 athletes at last year's Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast ©Getty Images
Jersey were represented by 33 athletes at last year's Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast ©Getty Images

CGAJ secretary general Paul Huddlestone praised the work of volunteers in each of the sports who will help with the process.

“We’ve got representatives in place for half our sports,” he said.

“These volunteers are doing all the work getting information to and from the clubs and athletes.

“There is a lot to do and they will work with us to give our athletes every chance of being included in the plans.

“Without these hard-working individuals, we and the sports will struggle.

“Our validation group coordinate the team development process which they review each new Games cycle.

“They have set firm dates for all the selection criteria to be agreed for all sports by the end of this year.

“Each Games cycle we seek to improve on the last Games, looking at worked and what didn’t.

“These and other changes we are making are designed to give our athletes the best chance of success.”

Jersey sent 33 athletes to the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, but the team missed out on a medal.