Skate Canada will host the 2019 Ice Summit in Ottawa ©Skate Canada

More than 400 skating leaders from across Canada are set to arrive in Ottawa today for the 2019 Ice Summit.

The conference, due to last until Saturday (May 25), will consist of a wide range of opportunities for members at all levels within Skate Canada.

"We are thrilled to be celebrating this past year’s accomplishments here in the nation’s capital at the 2019 Ice Summit," Debra Armstrong, the chief executive of Skate Canada, said. 

"It’s always an exciting time when all levels of Skate Canada come together in one place to support development from the grassroots level to the world stage. 

"We all have the same goal to continue to inspire Canadians to embrace the joy of skating."

Ottawa will be the setting for the 2019 Ice Summit ©Wikipedia
Ottawa will be the setting for the 2019 Ice Summit ©Wikipedia

The theme of this year’s event is: Plan to Execute for Success and, it is claimed, will offer a broad spectrum of informative and interactive workshops specifically targeting coaches, choreographers, officials, clubs and skating schools, and Skate Canada sections. 

The conference is set to offer a selection of off-ice and on-ice workshops, of which the on-ice portions will be taking place at the Richcraft Sensplex facility. 

The on-ice workshops feature top coaches and choreographers including Lee Barkell, Richard Gauthier, Lance Vipond and Carol Lane.

The Ice Summit is also due to host the Annual General Meeting of Skate Canada on Saturday (May 25) before closing in the evening with the annual awards banquet. 

The evening is due to be hosted by 2019 Canadian silver medallists Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier.