Canadian capital Ottawa has announced a bid for the 2022 Wheelchair Basketball World Championships ©IWBF

Canadian capital Ottawa has announced a bid for the 2022 Wheelchair Basketball World Championships.

The city wants to host both the men's and women's tournaments in three years' time with matches at TD Place Arena and Aberdeen Pavilion at Lansdowne Park.

Charlie Bethel, the chairman of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation's (IWBF) Competition Commission, has already visited Ottawa to view facilities. 

He was joined by IWBF Americas competition officer Juan Magallanes on a tour of competition and practice venues and hotels.

The IWBF are due to announce their host next year with the organisation now due to visit another unknown bidder.

"On behalf of IWBF I would like to offer huge thanks to Wheelchair Basketball Canada for an informative few days in Ottawa," said Bethel.

"Ottawa certainly offers IWBF an exciting opportunity to showcase wheelchair basketball and strengthen the growth of our sport and its events.

"We now look forward to visiting the next potential host city and meeting with their bid team next week."

German city Hamburg hosted the last World Championships for both men and women last year.

Canada staged the women's event in Toronto in 2014, as well as the men's events in Halifax in 1983 and Edmonton in 1994.

"Canada is beyond ready to host the greatest World Wheelchair Basketball Championships of all time," said President of Wheelchair Basketball Canada and bid chairman Steve Bach.

"Our vision is to host a transformational event that moves people to feel, think and act differently towards sport and people with disabilities.

"Backed by that vision, we will deliver an unparalleled and emotionally-charged experience for all, one that transcends sport by empowering positive social change as a champion of inclusion and drives the evolution of the game in Canada and around the world."

The IWBF representatives in Ottawa were guests of honour at a reception hosted by Senator Chantal Petitclerc.

Petitclerc, a 14-time Paralympic gold medallist in wheelchair racing, has taken on the role of honorary bid chair.