World Lacrosse has announced two new members - Barbados and Lithuania ©World Lac rosse

World Lacrosse has added the national governing bodies of Barbados and Lithuania to its membership, bringing the total up to 65.

That membership total for the International Federation for the men’s and women’s game represents an increase of more than 240 per cent since 2002.

In November 2018, World Lacrosse received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee, a designation that is contributing to its global growth, they claim. 

The latest announcement was made on the eve of SportAccord Pan America, a regional gathering of sport and business leaders from throughout the Pan American region, due to take place Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

World Lacrosse's membership has gone up by more than 240 per cent since 2002 ©Getty Images
World Lacrosse's membership has gone up by more than 240 per cent since 2002 ©Getty Images

In addition to membership of World Lacrosse, the two new arrivals are also members of their respective Continental Federations -Barbados Lacrosse with the PanAmerican Lacrosse Association and Lithuania Lacrosse with the European Lacrosse Federation.

"We are pleased to welcome Barbados Lacrosse and Lithuania Lacrosse to our growing World Lacrosse family, and we appreciate the support of our general assembly in approving the membership recommendations," said World Lacrosse development director Bob DeMarco.

"In considering the membership applications from Barbados Lacrosse and Lithuania Lacrosse, it was clear there is a strong commitment in both countries to supporting the growth of lacrosse at every level of the game, from grassroots to elite, and to doing so the right way."