The IWBF have published amended regulations ©Getty Images

International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) has published amendments to anti-doping and World Championship rules.

The IWBF Executive Council announced changes to regulations following a teleconference meeting held on April 4.

Amendments include a new section on team whereabouts information for anti-doping, with the IWBF able to establish a testing pool of teams required to comply with the whereabouts requirements set out by IWBF from time to time.

The IWBF said it would notify teams of their inclusion in the testing pool, with nations then required to provide information requested.

Information will include training dates, the start and finish times of training, the venue of sessions, dates of travel, accommodation and either the home address or an address of the regular overnight stay of each athlete of the team.

The IWBF outlined that rule violations would include failure to provide whereabouts information within the deadline communicated to the team, incomplete or inaccurate whereabouts information and the absence of one or more athletes from a test conducted on the team.

Team whereabouts violations will result in fines payable to the IWBF.

World Championships and repechage tournaments for the Paralympic Games and World Championships will see team whereabouts information become mandatory.

This will also apply to the 3X3 World Open Championships and zonal qualification tournaments.

The new team whereabouts information will be mandatory at several events ©Getty Images
The new team whereabouts information will be mandatory at several events ©Getty Images

The IWBF added that all athletes belonging to teams in the testing pool are deemed to be aware of the whereabouts information provided by their team and must be available for testing in accordance with that information.

The regulations are in addition to the existing registered testing pool of athletes, who can be identified and obliged to comply with the whereabouts requirements.

The IWBF also confirmed the breakdown of countries that will participate in the IWBF World Championships in Dubai in 2022.

Hosts United Arab Emirates will compete in both events, along with the top 11 men’s teams from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which will be held in 2021.

Africa, Americas, Asia Oceania and Europe will each qualify an additional one team through zonal events.

The women’s events will feature seven qualifiers from Tokyo 2020, as well as the hosts and four qualifiers from regional competitions.