New dates and venues for the 2021 and 2022 World Rafting Championships have been set ©Getty Images

The International Rafting Federation (IRF) has published an updated schedule for the next two editions of its World Rafting Championships, following the postponement of 2020's event.

This year's World Rafting Championships, set for Ziyuan in China, had to be postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ziyuan will instead host the World Rafting Championships next year, the IRF has announced,

Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was due to host the 2021 edition, is now set to be the venue for 2022.

The 2021 World Rafting Championships will be a four-man competition, with six-man rafts to be used in 2022.

Competition is 2021 is set to run from August 15 to 21 on the Wupai river, while May 19 to June 5 are the dates for 2022.

Tully in Australia hosted the 2019 edition of the World Rafting Championships.

Asia last hosted the event in 2017, when it visited the Yoshino river in Japan.

Come 2022 it will be a decade since the Czech Republic staged the last European edition of the World Rafting Championships.