Goalball UK has thanked the goalball family for its support ©Goalball UK

Goalball UK has thanked charities and Sport England for helping to ensure long-term certainty for the sport after the coronavirus pandemic.

Goalball UK chief executive Mark Winder highlighted the support of the "Goalball Family" during the lockdown period in a thank you message.

This included financial contributions from charities to aid the sport.

"Many people forget Goalball UK is a charity,” Winder wrote.

"Charities are all, like a lot of business, in challenging times as a result of COVID-19.

"I would like to thank the charities, such as BBC Children in Need and The Thomas Pocklington Trust, who have supported us in recent months.

"I would also like to thank everyone who supported the 2.6 Challenge.

"We have raised over £6,000 ($7,800/€6,600) including gift aid.

"I would like to make special mention to Lynda Stainer, who has raised in excess of £1,500 ($1,900/€1,600).”

The 2.6 Challenge, a fundraising event set up in April to replace the postponed London Marathon, was also highlighted.

Goalball UK was among several charities to participate.

Goalball UK chief executive Mark Winder has highlighted the
Goalball UK chief executive Mark Winder has highlighted the "invaluable support" received during the lockdown ©Goalball UK

Thousands of people took part in unusual activities based around the numbers 2.6 and 26, and raised more than £4.6 million ($5.7 million/€5 million) for charities in the United Kingdom.

The funds were raised in support of charities, which were predicted to suffer a £4 billion ($5 billion/€4.3 billion) shortfall due to the impact of the pandemic.

Winder also thanked support from Sport England, which he wrote provided “long-term certainty to the sport.”

"The support we have received from Sport England has also been invaluable," Winder wrote.

"Their commitment to us has allowed us to give a long-term certainty to the sport.

"Similarly the support from both the executive and non-executive teams has meant we will emerge from lockdown is a largely positive fashion.

"Most of all I would like to thank you, ‘The Goalball Family’, I am once again so grateful of your continued support and patience throughout the past five months.

"Please keep this patience as we work towards opening back up in a new normal."