The ITTF has published its guidelines for international events during the pandemic ©ITTF

Pre-tournament testing for all those involved in International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) events has been made mandatory under COVID-19 recommendations published by the worldwide governing body.

The 23-page document outlines the measures event organisers should implement to ensure the safe return of international table tennis events across the world.

All stakeholders, including players, officials and coaches, have to provide a negative nasopharyngeal swab viral test before they travel to the host nation.

"The results of the test must be provided four days before travelling to the event and must be taken not earlier than seven days before travelling to the event," the ITTF recommendations state.

The ITTF has asked event organisers to establish testing facilities at venues and appoint a group of "safe distancing ambassadors" to oversee the wearing of face masks and to ensure compliance with the recommendations.

All participants, officials, staff, volunteers, ambassadors and any other person involved in the event must wear face masks at all times in the hotel, transport and venue, unless stated otherwise.

Table tennis events held during the coronavirus pandemic will look very different to those staged before the crisis ©Getty Images
Table tennis events held during the coronavirus pandemic will look very different to those staged before the crisis ©Getty Images

If a multi-ball system is applied during matches, balls must be sanitised at the end of each game, while physical contact such as handshakes will be prohibited.

Participants must then take a test before they leave the host country.

If they test positive, the local Organising Committee will be responsible for contacting everyone who came into contact with the person.

The ITTF is the latest organisation to publish COVID-19 guidelines, which paint a picture of how different sport will look like as it makes its gradual return following an extended break as a result of the pandemic.

The ITTF has suspended all of its events until at least the end of this month.

"Fully determined to organise international events going forwards, the ITTF has set out to develop official guidelines, which must be implemented by all event organisers, and the ITTF will continue to refine this document and its procedures with input from health authorities and public health and infectious disease specialists," the ITTF said.

The full document can be read here.