Sportradar has set-up a platform to stop social media abuse for athletes ©Sportradar

Sportradar Integrity Services has launched a support network for sports organisations to safeguard professional athletes from social media abuse.

The company will make the platform available to all sports federations, leagues and governing bodies to protect the mental health and well-being of professional athletes by keeping them away from harm online.

Its service identifies the individuals behind anonymous troll and burner accounts used to direct abuse towards athletes, giving Sportradar an idea of the behavioural patterns of the online abusers.

These findings can then be shared with its partners and further support is provided by pursuing an appropriate course of action, including the removal of accounts or working with law enforcement.

It has been successfully trialled at the Exo-Tennis Series across Germany and the United States, with participating players including Germany's Dustin Brown and US pair Taylor Townsend and Sachia Vickery.

German tennis player Dustin Brown was among those who trialled the idea ©Getty Images
German tennis player Dustin Brown was among those who trialled the idea ©Getty Images

"Maintaining the integrity of sport and ensuring that it's safe, fair and enjoyable for all has long been our priority," said Andreas Krannich, the managing director of integrity services at Sportradar.

"Now, with this new service, we've strengthened our position in this space by safeguarding the athletes who compete in it and protecting them from online harm and social media abuse.

"We are providing a tangible output that our partners can share with their athletes and we're providing support to those partners in pursuing an appropriate course of action.

"The service we now have in place can act as a deterrent to future online abuse and create real change, particularly when people see the impact it has."

Sportradar has also been successful with its fraud detection system which uncovers suspicious matches in relation to match-fixing over the past decade.