Boccia England has hired two companies to assist with its fundraising campaigns ©Boccia England

Boccia England has selected two agencies from the East Midlands region to help develop new fundraising programmes for the national governing body.

Nottingham-based Integra Communications and Derby firm Status Social came together in a successful bid for the contact.

The two companies offer a combination of commercial and charitable social media, public relations and fundraising experience.

This will leave Boccia England staff able to run an awareness campaign to attract more funds in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, it is hoped.

"It is clear from their approach and creative ideas that Integra and Status Social understand what we want to achieve," said Boccia England chief executive Chris Ratcliffe.

"I was taken by their obvious enthusiasm for how they might apply their expertise to help get boccia better known and supported."

Boccia has been part of the Paralympics since 1984 ©Getty Images
Boccia has been part of the Paralympics since 1984 ©Getty Images

Boccia has been on the Paralympic Games programme since 1984.

Including affiliates, of which Boccia England is one, the Boccia International Sports Federation lists 73 members. 

Per Boccia England figures, more than 54,000 people in England played the sport in 2019, and more than half of those people play no sport other than boccia.

"We very much appreciate the funding by Sport England which allows us to develop talent and the boccia game at club-level," Boccia England fundraising manager Cally Keetley said.

"With Tokyo 2021 less than a year away, this is an exciting time to be looking at new opportunities for the public to join in as fundraisers for us."

Britain is one of the most successful boccia nations in the world, sitting sixth in the all-time Paralympic medals table with four golds, five silvers and three bronzes.