The Center of Excellence has now been named after USANA ©US Ski and Snowboard

USANA, a producer of health supplements, will hold the naming rights to US Ski and Snowboard's Center of Excellence after the organisations announced a new partnership.

Now named the USANA Center of Excellence, the training facility features a gymnasium, ski and snowboarding ramps, trampolines, a nutrition centre, strength training zones, rehabilitation facilities and a sports science laboratory for US Ski and Snowboard athletes.

USANA is also set to work with US Ski and Snowboard's sport science staff and the organisation's skiers and snowboarders on product research and areas for development.

"I am very excited about this new and expanded relationship between USANA and US Ski and Snowboard," said Robert Sinnott, USANA's chief scientific officer.

American skiers and snowboarders will also receive continuing support from USANA ©Getty Images
American skiers and snowboarders will also receive continuing support from USANA ©Getty Images

"Through this extension, we have agreed to conduct two to three clinical studies annually to measure the effects of USANA's supplements in elite athletes.

"The goal is to improve on their athletic performance metrics, help boost their immune systems while travelling and assist them to achieve better quality sleep - all necessary for optimal performance and recovery.

"Not only will this partnership assist and benefit Olympic athletes, it's also a great investment in USANA's future and product pipeline."

USANA and US Ski and Snowboard first worked together in 2011, when USANA became the governing body's nutritional supplement partner, and it has since supported elite athletes through two Olympic cycles - Sochi 2014 and Pyeongchang 2018.

USANA's headquarters are in Salt Lake City, less than 40 minute by car from the Center of Excellence in Park City.