Volleyball_England_logo_Nov_10November 11 - A Hall of Fame to honour the great and good of volleyball is being set up at the sport's national centre in Kettering.

The Don Anthony Hall of Fame, which officially opens on Saturday (November 13), will immortalise the work of past and present international players, referees and coaches.

Named after Don Anthony, who founded the Amateur Volleyball Association of Great Britain and Ireland in 1955, the Hall of Fame will feature people based on their international contributions to volleyball as well as performances and career achievements.

Anthony spent more than 60 years developing, education and empowering people through his work in sport both as a professional educator and in a voluntary capacity.

Special guests at the launch include Shirley Lynch, Mayor of the Borough of Kettering, who said: "The National Volleyball Centre has gone from strength to strength and it is fantastic to see those involved with the sport, past and present, honoured."

Volleyball England President Richard Callicott commented: "This is a wonderful opportunity for the sport to honour those who have played their part in taking volleyball forward.

"Too often we forget those who have built the sport and on whose foundations it is based.

"The Don Anthony Hall of Fame honours those people and ensures their contribution is never forgotten.

"As the sport moves into a new era with London 2012 on the horizon the Don Anthony Hall of Fame is a reminder to all of us of the dedication and commitment shown by the recipients being inducted."

Volleyball England chief executive Lisa Wainwright said: "As we continue to drive the new vision for volleyball ahead, it is critical for us to capture, review and celebrate our history.

"Volleyball is wonderfully sociable and I know the Don Anthony Hall of Fame will not only celebrate the outstanding achievements of many within the sport but it will also leave a tapestry of friendships and memories that are our beautiful legacy.

"Congratulations to all inductees - you have secured the foundations from which the new generation must grow."

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