The Rwanda Olympic and Sports Committee has held a book launch for a release on traditional Rwandan sports ©RNOSC

The Rwanda Olympic and Sports Committee (RNOSC) has launched a new book about the nation's traditional sports, chronicling their heritage, principles and values.

In partnership with author Juru Ruranganwa, the RNOSC held a launch ceremony for the book's release, according to Rwandan publication The New Times.

RNOSC President Valens Munyabagisha pledged the institution's support to the country's sports.

"The Rwanda Olympic and Sports Committee will continue to promote Rwandan traditional sports, because their values and heritage are correlated with the values in our mandate," said Munyabagisha.

Ruranganwa said he authored the book to recognise the uniqueness of traditional games.

Thirty-nine traditional sports were examined during the book launch including hunting, pole jumping, wrestling and racing.

"I wrote the book to recognise the essential cultural values in our traditional games," said Ruranganwa.

"I though that it was important for all of us to know this is an era where we are all turning to western cultures.

"I hope the book will help readers transfer the values to their descendants and future generations."

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Sports, Didier Shema-Maboko, commended the new publication

"Traditional games have some benefits in common with modern games, and here we can mention promoting working together and friendship," said Shema-Maboko, per The New Times.

"The combination of sports and culture is so important, and promoting them is essential."

In February, Nyanza District Mayor Erasme Ntazinda said the reintroduction of traditional sports could boost cultural tourism and would be supported by facilities at a new 10,000-seat stadium.