Australia is set to have its first professional ice hockey league ©NHSL

South Australia's capital and largest city Adelaide is set to be home to three teams and stage the country's first professional ice hockey league, due to start in November.

The National Hockey Super League (NHSL) will only be comprised of the three teams initially, but organisers hope to increase that to 15 by 2023.

In its inaugural season the NHSL will be played between the Noarlunga Stars, Port Adelaide Brewers and Adelaide Xtream, with players largely from South Australia.

It is to expanded to a national format next season, organisers hope.

Games are to be played at IceArena in the city on Fridays from the start of November.

General managers will soon be put in place to find a coach and draft their team from registered players.

If players want to be drafted, they must nominate themselves by October 1 prior to the rest of team being filled out at the NHSL Draft in mid-October.

With the launch coming fewer than two months before the start of the season, the new league's formation has received a mixed response online.

Four marquee players have so far been announced and signed outside of the draft.

Teenage goaltender Jeremy Friederich and Joey MacDougall will play for the Xtreme.

Jake Riley, who scored more points than any other player in the latest Ice Hockey South Australia Premier League season, has signed for the Stars.

Steve Best was the first marquee player announced, and will play for the Brewers.

The Adelaide Xtreme will be managed by Tash Farrier, the Port Adelaide Brewers by Bill Newbound and the Noarlunga Stars by Matt Lothian.