Cali 2021 is the first edition of the Junior Pan American Games ©Agencia.Xpress Media

Organisers of the first-ever Caribbean Games scheduled for 2022 have come to the inaugural Junior Pan American Games here in Cali to observe and learn lessons on how to stage a successful multi-sport event.

The importance of attention to detail was highlighted to those organising the Caribbean Games Guadeloupe, which was postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 crisis.

"We had a workshop last Saturday and it was really interesting to see how they dealt with all the circumstances," said Guadeloupe 2022 director Julien Chipotel, speaking to insidethegames.

"The weather, the accommodation, transportation, relation to NOCs [National Olympic Committees], and even coronavirus protocols.

"There are things that you think may be easy but when you come to it, it's not.

"The flags for example, it seems straightforward to just order some flags but there are some small details that are really interesting and tricky to know about and work out.

"The whole Panam Olympic region is here in Cali right now so I have been able to meet with the NOCs of the Caribbean to be able to make progress for the Games."

Guadeloupe 2022 director Julien Chipotel has come to Cali to learn from the inaugural Junior Pan American Games ©Agencia.Xpress Media
Guadeloupe 2022 director Julien Chipotel has come to Cali to learn from the inaugural Junior Pan American Games ©Agencia.Xpress Media

Chipotel feels priority must be placed on those competing in the Games when it comes to organisation and logistics, with an efficient transportation system integral to that.

"What I have learned is that the event has to be athlete-orientated," Chipotel said.

"You have to make everything possible for them.

"Once they reach the airport they can go straight to their hotels; that they can get medical attention and they can easily reach the venues.

"When you say it like this it sounds easy but when I arrived in Cali I know that the transportation was not well set.

"It was interesting to see what the NOCs want and what they are expecting.

"I don't think anyone will go to Guadeloupe expecting the same as the Pan American Games or the Olympics in Tokyo but there is a basic level of service like having the transportation ready for when a delegation arrives."

The Games in Guadeloupe are set to take place from June 29 to July 3 next year, with seven sporting disciplines on the programme.

Approximately 800 athletes and 200 officials are expected to represent 29 countries and territories at the event.

It is also planned for esports to feature as a demonstration sport.

The Caribbean Games had first been scheduled to take place in 2009 before being cancelled by Trinidad and Tobago's Government shortly before the start due to fears about swine flu.

The Guadeloupe event was originally intended for 2021 but was postponed until next year because of COVID-19.