The SOK and SkiStar have announced a new partnership in the build-up to the Beijing 2022 Olympics ©SOK

The Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK) has signed a deal with SkiStar to draw attention to the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

SkiStar is set to organise a range of activities and challenges in Sälen and Åre for adults and children with the aim of getting people more active.

The Swedish alpine skiing and outdoor leisure and tourism company will become an official supplier of the SOK, while introducing the "Olympic Challenge", where participants can try out different Olympic disciplines.

An "Olympic Plaza" will be built on-site where the activities and award ceremonies will take place.

Olympic athletes will also be able to use SkiStar's destinations as a result of the agreement.

"Our collaboration with SOK is well in line with SkiStar's work to get more people moving and to make more people want to be active on holiday together with family and friends," said Mathias Lindström, commercial director at SkiStar.

"We share the same values as SOK and maybe there are some future Olympic participants among our guests who test their first turns on the ski slope or cycle down their first trail.

"Regardless of who or what, our collaboration enables more people to be inspired around an active lifestyle and contribute to the sports dreams of the future."

SOK marketing manager Tobias Hauff added: "It will provide good training opportunities for those active in SOK's program. 

"In addition, we will get more people moving and build on our common values around an active and healthy lifestyle."

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are due to get underway in less than a month, on February 4.