Chungcheong are aiming to impress FISU with a million signatures ©Getty Images

Chungcheong is looking to further impress the International University Sports Federation (FISU) with their bid for the 2027 FISU Summer World University Games by aiming to gather one million signatures from residents in the region of South Korea.

The Chungcheong Bidding Committee's campaign looks to convey these results to FISU's final evaluation team to show interest in the region in its four major cities - Daejeon, Sejong, North Chungcheong and South Chungcheong.

South Korea is likely to be in a straight battle with the United States for hosting rights with North Carolina.

"If Korea is selected as the preferred negotiator and Chungcheong region defeats North Carolina in the United States and becomes the final venue, the Chungcheong region will not only further solidify its cooperative system as a mega city, but also get a new opportunity for the economy of the Chungcheong region to take off," said a Chungcheong 2027 spokesperson, according to Chungcheong Today.

South Korea last held the Summer Games in 2015 in Gwangju ©Getty Images
South Korea last held the Summer Games in 2015 in Gwangju ©Getty Images

"In the current atmosphere, the US is pursuing a strategy to utilise this event as a pre-game for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics, so we are taking a very active stance, but we will do our best until the final selection with the aspirations and hopes of the people of Chungcheong Province."

FISU is likely to choose two candidates for the bid, but Australia and Hungary are rumoured to be interested too.

If selected as one of the two preferred bidders, FISU will be scheduled to visit Chungcheong from March to October.